Kaiseki – The Art Of Japanese Dining

Kaiseki – The Art of Japanese Dining

It’s the start of a new year and Kitchen Theory are getting geared up for the next culinary inspiration which will influence our upcoming set of events in 2014 ; 'Kaiseki'. The term kaiseki comes all the way from the land of the rising sun; Japan. Kaiseki is also known as kaiseki-ryōri, both terms refer…

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Spherification Of Oyster Soup

Spherification of Oyster soup

A part of our Kitchen Theory 'Elements' multi sensory dining events we are using the reverse spherification process as a main element on our 'Sea Spheres' dish. (note: this event has ended, please view our upcoming events.) This is one…

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The Kitchen As A Laboratory

The Kitchen as a Laboratory

Initial thoughts This is one of those books that I procrastinated for a while before buying... It sounded like something I wanted to read and the reviews seemed quite good, but my concern was how heavy of a read it would…

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Taste Buds And Molecules

Taste Buds and Molecules

I first came across the name François Chartier last year via twitter (@papillesetM) and then learnt about his book Taste Buds and Molecules which had just recently been translated into English. I found his research in the area of food science  into…

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