Ivan Icra Salicru is a fellow Director at Kitchen Theory. Ivan is a classically trained chef and pastry chef with eighteen years of experience in food and hospitality services. Ivan spent 5 years coordinating restaurant teams in the UK and Middle East and running the operations for Giorgio Locatelli Consultancy and has also worked as a pastry chef and pastry consultant in Barcelona, Menorca and London.

Ivan is an expert in new restaurant openings, event planning, costing, purchasing, quality control and menu design.

Ivan has also recently decided to apply his experience and knowledge to a new business venture – Cookbooth – a social platform and professional tool for chefs and food lovers. The mobile app is designed to save and organize the recipes both publicly and privately, to easily and time-efficiently create a social profile to promote chefs and food lovers and to connect with professionals and other fans.

Kitchen Theory recipes can also be found on Cookbooth.

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