As part of Samsung’s Galaxy 10 launch campaign the ‘Space Selfie’ in collaboration with super model Cara Delevingne. Kitchen Theory was tasked with developing a range of themed canapes and cocktails for the official ‘Space Selfie’ event hosted at Samsung’s flagship Coal Yard Drops, King’s Cross experience store in London.


To develop and serve a range of space themed canapes and cocktails for 300 guests.


After extensive research into the history of foods in various international space programs, a look at future space foods and taking influence from South Korean flavours and dishes (as a nod to Samsung’s South Korean home) we designed a series of canapes that reflected Samsung’s innovative spirit and were in keeping with the space theme. The cocktails were a selection of space age cocktails served in bubbles, frozen in liquid nitrogen shots, and in space age pouches. The cocktails were designed with showmanship in mind intent to create a lively bar feel within the space.


Space Bar (theatrical, cocktails & small bites, served at the space bar)

  • Flaming comet – Coffee, vodka, marshmallow, kaluha
  • The Nebula – smoked whiskey cocktail; shiitake mushroom, maple, whiskey, ice ball, Angostura bitters, candied orange peel, smoking gun, wood chips
  • Galaxy Prosecco Cocktail – purple shimmer, kier (black current liqueur), prosecco
  • Cosmic Sunrise – colour changing gin cocktail: gin (infused with pink peppercorn, tonic, lemon, b’lure (pea flower), ice, rosemary
  • Dragon Breath Comet – liquid nitrogen frozen meringue, Irish cream espuma, liquid nitrogen
  • Galaxy Glow Spheres – spherifications (alcohol & non alcohol) UV glowing

Canapes (served from the Samsung kitchen and on circulated trays)

  • Galaxy bread – chia seed paté with crystal bread, veg caviar, quail egg (V, GF)
  • Space food – Borscht risotto (V)
  • Asteroid Rocks – baby potatoes coated in clay and served with aioli (V, GF)
  • South Korea Goes to Space – Kimchi ramen noodles
  • South Korea Goes to Space – Bulgogi bao buns
  • Black Hole Doughnuts with Galaxy Glaze (V)
  • Astronaut’s Delight – ice cream, freeze dried fruits (V, GF)
  • The Solar System – Cake pops (V)

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