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Our Services

Sensory Product Explorations

Our research with leading scientists enables us to draw in from the talent and knowledge of our collaborators to conduct brand or product sensory explorations. We create memorable and remarkable experiences which are multisensory, fun and educational and are sure to leave a lasting impression and give guests a greater appreciation of your product or brand.


“How Youssef presented the new Chivas Regal left me and the other guests wondering how we had continually missed so much when previously tasting whisky. To present the same whisky but with different stimuli to enhance your mood, senses and elements within the whisky is truly innovative and clever. I will certainly never drink in the same one-dimensional way again.”

Matt Chambers, Huffington post

Private Dining

For groups of up to 50 guests we can host our experimental dinners in a private and intimate setting. The experiential dining experiences are immersive, educational and interactive.

The devil is in the detail and we enjoy creating seamless dining events which offer harmonious combinations of food, drink, service and environment and will be sure to leave a memorable impact on your guests. Contact us for group bookings, to find our public dining events go to our events listings to see whats on.

“More than a gastronomic gimmick, these meals illuminate a key truth about the mind: the senses do not work in isolation but in concert.”

 Bianca Bosker, A Feast for the Senses, The New Yorker

Talks & Tasters

Spend a day with Chef Jozef Youssef as he talks you through our various research on how our senses interact and how we perceive the world around us and how it affects the way we eat. Talks can be accompanied with tasters which will allow you to experience the various examples made.
Contact us for more information.

“Jozef was brilliant and really inspiring. Everyone had a lot to think about and it was great to see people applying the thinking to their work in the afternoon.”

Stephanie Bell, Flamingo Group

Private cooking classes

Spend a day with Jozef Youssef and learn the basics of molecular cooking as outlined in his book Molecular Gastronomy at Home. The workshops cover the history, theory and principles of molecular cooking techniques, looking at hydrocolloids, gels, foams and mousses, the science behind the techniques, the variations as well as hints, tips and tricks.Take home your own complimentary Molecule-REvolution kit and impress your friends. Classes for individuals can be found here, for group classes contact us.

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you and Jozef for a really interesting session that has de-mystified spherification and foams for me. It really helped me to understand the techniques and has given me pointers to improve on what I was doing and helped me understand where I was going slightly “off-piste!””

S. Pateman, Private Guest

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