At Kitchen Theory we are on a continuous odyssey to research and demystify the field of gastronomy. Our research covers gastrophysics, multisensory flavour perception, cooking and experiences. Find out more by browsing some of our latest articles below or filter the content by visiting the relevant category pages below.

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London’s First Collaborative Gastronomic Conference – Project Gastronomia
London’s First Collaborative Gastronomic Conference – Project Gastronomia
Experience Design, Gastronomy, Multisensory

At Kitchen Theory we have a keen interest in the psychological/multisensory aspects of eating, dining…

Celebrity Chefs Are Dead – Welcome To 2050
Celebrity Chefs Are Dead – Welcome to 2050

The Background Many historians say that restaurants emerged out of the French revolution, by chefs…

Children, Gastrophysics And Nutrition!
Children, Gastrophysics and Nutrition!
Experience Design

Since 2013 the team at Kitchen Theory has been engaged in multisensory and crossmodal research…

Enough Deconstruction: Enter Gastronomic Constructivism – A New Direction
Enough deconstruction: enter Gastronomic Constructivism – a new direction

Gastronomy has undergone too many changes to recall in any one article, suffice to say…

Foraging For Inspiration In A Concrete Jungle…
Foraging for inspiration in a concrete jungle…

Foraging for inspiration in a concrete jungle... While working away in the kitchen a few…

What Is A Sensploration?
What is a Sensploration?

Sensploration and the world Modern life is becoming increasingly un-sensory and by this we mean;…

“Every Act Of Creation Begins With An Act Of Destruction” Pablo Picasso.
“Every act of creation begins with an act of destruction” Pablo Picasso.

Picasso’s words were meant in the context of artistic creativity, he believed that for one…

Research Paper – Constructing Flavour Perception: From Destruction To Creation And Back Again
Research Paper – Constructing flavour perception: from destruction to creation and back again

Charles Spence • Jozef Youssef • October 2016   Summary As Pablo Picasso once memorably said: ‘Every act of creation…

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