/mʌltɪˈsɛns(ə)ri/ ~ Relating to or involving several bodily senses

Our work with Professor Charles Spence of Oxford University is aimed at exploring ‘Gastrophysics’ - a field of science concerned with how the brain understands and interprets sensory cues in the foods we eat.

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ɡaˈstrɒnəmi/ all that relates to man as a feeding animal

Our work with our collaborators drives us to take different perspectives on gastronomy as a function of life and survival; as well as its ability to bring us great pleasure as an art form.

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Experience Design

ɪkˈspɪərɪəns dɪˈzʌɪn/ curating explicit experience components

Our research in the field of multisensory flavour perception along with our gastronomic experience are combined to develop unique experimental concepts and dining experiences.

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Resources & References

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