TED X LSE – Bringing Flavour To Light By Jozef Youssef

TED x LSE – Bringing Flavour to Light by Jozef Youssef

In the Spring of 2018 Chef Jozef Youssef was invited to speak at TEDxLSE on…

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Global News Video – Taste Test: The Psychology Of How We Eat

Global News video – Taste test: The psychology of how we eat

A professor of psychology at Oxford University is pioneering a new way of thinking about…

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CBS News Video – How Color, Smell And Even Sound Impact The Flavor Of Food

CBS News Video – How color, smell and even sound impact the flavor of food

How food tastes is not just determined by its ingredients. At a research kitchen in…

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The Telegraph – Gastro-trickery: How Optical Illusions Could Fool Our Minds And Taste Buds

The Telegraph – Gastro-trickery: how optical illusions could fool our minds and taste buds

Gastro-trickery: how optical illusions could fool our minds and our taste buds Sarah Knapton, science editor …

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Video – G-ASTRONOMY: The Taste Of The Cosmos For People With Visual Impairment

Video – g-ASTRONOMY: The Taste of the Cosmos for People with Visual Impairment

g-ASTRONOMY is a collaboration between Astrophysicist Roberto Trotta and experimental chefs Jozef Youssef and Stefano…

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Brummell Magazine – Food For Thought

Brummell Magazine – Food for thought

Food for thought Merging modernist cooking techniques with newly emerging science, Kitchen Theory’s dining experiences…

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Secrets Of The Senses At Sense Of Space – Broadgate

Secrets of the Senses at Sense of Space – Broadgate

Overview During Spring 2018 Broadgate hosted a one of a kind pop-up art installation encouraging…

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UberEats – Hangover Breakfasts & The Flavours Of Happiness!

UberEats – Hangover Breakfasts & The Flavours of Happiness!

Overview There is a plethora of advice out there on how to cure a hangover;…

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