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If you have an interest in experimental dining, gastronomy, the senses, sensplorations or scientific research into multisensory flavour perception (aka gastrophysics) then take a look through our website as we’re sure there’s something here for you.

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The Reading Corner

Eating is considered among the most sensory of all activities in which we part take. We draw on all our senses when we eat; sight, smell, touch, taste and sound. Our work with Professor Charles Spence of Oxford University is aimed at exploring ‘Gastrophysics’ – a field of science concerned with how the brain understands and interprets sensory cues in the foods we eat.

Our work with academics, artists, designers and generally creative people drives us to take different perspectives on gastronomy as a function of life and survival; as well as its ability to bring us great pleasure as an art form.
Our multisensory dinners showcase our gastronomy related research in all its forms whether that is by focusing on regional cuisines, products or scientific principles.

Our research along with the work of our collaborative Think Tank is combined to develop unique experimental concepts and dining experiences for public, private and corporate events as well as brand or product sensory explorations.

Some of Our Latest Work

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Project Gastronomia 2018

Project Gastronomia 2018


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TED X LSE – Bringing Flavour To Light By Jozef Youssef

TED x LSE – Bringing Flavour to Light by Jozef Youssef

In the Spring of 2018 Chef Jozef Youssef was invited to speak at TEDxLSE on his research into multi-sensory flavour…

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Global News Video – Taste Test: The Psychology Of How We Eat

Global News video – Taste test: The psychology of how we eat

A professor of psychology at Oxford University is pioneering a new way of thinking about food and flavour. He’s helped…

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CBS News Video – How Color, Smell And Even Sound Impact The Flavor Of Food

CBS News Video – How color, smell and even sound impact the flavor of food

How food tastes is not just determined by its ingredients. At a research kitchen in London, a psychology professor and…

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The Telegraph – Gastro-trickery: How Optical Illusions Could Fool Our Minds And Taste Buds

The Telegraph – Gastro-trickery: how optical illusions could fool our minds and taste buds

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Video – G-ASTRONOMY: The Taste Of The Cosmos For People With Visual Impairment

Video – g-ASTRONOMY: The Taste of the Cosmos for People with Visual Impairment

g-ASTRONOMY is a collaboration between Astrophysicist Roberto Trotta and experimental chefs Jozef Youssef and Stefano de Costanzo, of London-based Kitchen…

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Brummell Magazine – Food For Thought

Brummell Magazine – Food for thought

Food for thought Merging modernist cooking techniques with newly emerging science, Kitchen Theory’s dining experiences offer a fascinating insight into…

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Secrets Of The Senses At Sense Of Space – Broadgate

Secrets of the Senses at Sense of Space – Broadgate

Overview During Spring 2018 Broadgate hosted a one of a kind pop-up art installation encouraging visitors to re-engage with their…

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UberEats – Hangover Breakfasts & The Flavours Of Happiness!

UberEats – Hangover Breakfasts & The Flavours of Happiness!

Overview There is a plethora of advice out there on how to cure a hangover; from old wives tales to…

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