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Papá pictureDj Giuseppe de Costanzo is Kitchen Theory’s musical advisor and founder of Centro Cultura Musicale (Musical Culture Centre) in Foggia / Italy since 1990, a “musical theory shop” established to promote and discover new musical languages, cultures, authentic inspiration and new talent.

Giuseppe sees the discovery and promotion of music as a language of expression and his life-long ambition. With his shop continuing to remain successful after 25 years of operation, he has now branched out into organising collaborations for gigs, concept stores and various business openings.

He also designs soundtracks and plays tailored music for poetry lectures, exhibitions, artistic installations, theatrical shows and private events. He is also a music professor and consultant promoting the interaction between music, society and cultures around the world.

In 1999 Giuseppe developed a concept called “IN DEEP’ N DANCE” (INDEPENDENCE) encouraging people to express emotions through dance and music without the influence of popular culture and mainstream perception. Giuseppe takes the same approach when it comes to tackling the relationship between music and food.

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