London’s most multisensory chef’s table has arrived.

How do colour, aroma, texture and even sound affect how you experience flavour? And do we all experience flavour in the same way?  Do certain foods taste sweeter while stroking velvet? Will ‘sonic seasoning’ one day replace the salt cellar? If you can’t smell a meal, what happens to your experience of flavour? The emerging science of ‘gastrophysics’ looks to answer all these questions and more.

Our Gastrophysics Chef’s Table will take your party of ten guests on a memorable 13 course multisensory dining experience hosted by Chef Jozef Youssef and the Kitchen Theory chefs.

The Experience

This is an immersive and intimate experience giving a first-hand insight into the creative process of a chef and his team. At the Gastrophysics Chef’s Table, your party of 10 guests will spend 3 to 4 hours with Chef Youssef and the team as we lead you through a flavour and multisensory journey. 

Bookings include private access to our Studio: home to the first projection mapped Chef’s Table in London, with its minimalist open kitchen, gallery, screening room and study. Join us to see the chefs at work as the experience unfolds with the aid of lighting, colour, sound, aroma and textures. 

A fun, educational and multisensory experience in the world of gastronomy, to be shared within the privacy of your own space.
Bouba and Kiki by Jozef Youssef

The Menu

Our menu explores a fusion of flavours, textures, and culinary techniques, drawing inspiration from Youssef’s experience in some of London’s top Michelin Star restaurants as well as his travels across the world.

Each of the thirteen small courses are conceptually designed based on a mix of science and art, yet at their core these dishes are simply delicious flavours married with a mix of traditional and modernist culinary techniques and served with beautiful wines and exciting cocktails.

The Space

Hosted in our new design studio, located on the top floor of an old Victorian factory in High Barnet (North London.) The Kitchen Theory design studio is made up of; the gallery – which features highlights of our work from past years, the study– which houses our growing gastronomic literature collection, the kitchen – this is where we experiment with new ideas and culinary concepts, and finally our Odyssey Chef’s Table – a ten seat dining table mapped with projections and nestled right by the open kitchen.

Booking the Gastrophysics Chef’s Table the whole Studio is reserved privately for you and your guests for the entire evening (until midnight).

Studio top night shot - square

Sample Menu

As with the whole menu, food and drink will vary according to the season and any ongoing research.

4 Tastes – canape

Between The Folds – canape

Bouba & Kiki – canape

Offering To The Gods – corn, beans, mole

Royjins’s Servant – jellyfish, seasame, dashi

Mrs Randolph’s Seaside Treat – oyster, yuzu, shallot

Marinetti – sea trout, soy pearls, tempeh

Flavours Of The Earth – mushroom, cassava, pumpernickel

Every Act Of Creation – duck, beetroot, rocket

An Education In Umami – Parmesan, mushroom, licorice

Believe Nothing of What you Hear – chocolate, passion fruit, celery

 A Senseploration Of Chivas – cheese, Chivas Regal 12

A Bit Of Magic – Petite four

Experience price £2200* for up to 10 guests.

*Includes 13 courses, service charge and VAT. Welcome drink and carefully selected wines are complementary.

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