How can we help make your event remarkable?

Our research into the field of sensory experience design in collaboration with Oxford University as well as the knowledge and skills of our team allow us to design experiences which are; meaningful, memorable and remarkable. The events are centred around delicious food supported by a journey/storyline which is multisensory, fun and educational. Our goal is to leave a lasting impression and give guests a greater appreciation of your product or brand.

Whether it’s a press event, a cocktail party, a trade show, an airport concession or a global launch campaign we will design an experience which is meaningful and practically suited to your requirements.

What is a Sensploration?

At Kitchen Theory we research the sensory aspects of a brand or product by applying both our culinary knowhow and sensory knowledge. We look for ways of enhancing appreciation for flavours, heightening mindfulness of textures and sounds, while all along allowing the brand or product to take centre stage. We introduce guests to a new way of experiencing a product; whether it be a perfume, a fine whiskey or a documentary series, we bring these stories to life by stimulating all the senses. And that’s a Sensploration! (Read the full article here)

How does it work?

Talk to us about your brand, your vision, your objective, your theme and your venue. We will design an experience considering each touch point and all the senses. We will work to brief and oversee the execution of the experience with your caterers (for events of 30+), event managers, producers and agencies.

On the day, our team will be on site to host your event, oversee the execution of all the sensory, service and dining elements to work in perfect unison. We ensure your guests experience an unforgettable and remarkable sensploration of your brand.

Its that simple really.

Do you have an upcoming event?

Do you have an upcoming event that you would like to speak to us about? Contact us and see what we can do for you!