Our research in gastronomy and multisensory flavour perception enable us to design remarkable immersive and multisensory experiences. Experience what we do by joining us at the chef’s table or find out how we can design an experience for you. Learn with us by booking a talk or a molecular cookery workshop.

Water Table ls - Darkwater Productions - John Blackwell

The Gastrophysics Chef's Table

Join us for London’s most multisensory and immersive dining experience.

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The Chef & Scientist Speaker Appearances

Bridging the gap between academia and the dining table. Book an inspiring and thought-provoking talk.

Whiskey sonic seasoning

Corporate and Bespoke Experience Design

Design a memorable multisensory event, product senseploration or commission research.


Molecular Cooking Workshops

Learn to add a little touch of magic to cooking through the latest modernist cooking techniques.



On April 19th 2018, a panel of 10 multidisciplinary experts in the field of gastronomy will gather in London with 70 members of the public aiming to share, debate and address in creative and positive ways the major shifts to come through the lens of multisensory design.